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Health IT Overview and EMR Evaluation

EHR Overview

What are the best systems out there for Electronic Health Record management? There are over 500 systems out there now, which can make for a very interesting evaluation process. However, when you look at quality scores and interoperability (how well the system exchanges data with other systems) the list will narrow. KLAS is a reputable organization that provides survey results for comprehensive comparison of the systems on the market.

Getting Started

Start evaluating the leading vendors. Ask questions about support, implementation, updates, Meaningful Use compliance. Are they close on Stage 2 compliance? Are they ready for ICD-10? You want to be sure to sign up with a company that is keeping up with the rapidly changing requirements of the health care industry. Certifications for these requirements are a must for any vendors you consider.

Be very inquistive during the demos. Ask to see ePrescribing and ordering of labs. Many systems require middleware for these operations, but many others don’t, so if this is important to you, don’t setting for a system that doesn’t have all the capabilities you need built in. Ask to see the reporting – do they have capable MU dashboards? Do they have a patient portal that can be customized to match the clinic’s branding? Is secure messaging built in so the doc doesn’t have to leave the EHR to communicate with patients and other providers electronically?

In Summary

Evaluation is critical and you don’t want to be one of the many clinics that are now shopping for replacement systems, because they made the wrong first selection. It’s too expensive and painful to going through the selection and implementation twice! Again, support and implementation services are critical. Talk to customers and get the real scoop on how these projects were handled, and how support works currently. You are now on track to picking the best system for your organization’s needs.

Good luck to you! Start here: