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Greenway EMR Software

PrimeSUITE®, Greenway’s fully integrated EHR, practice management and interoperability solution, improves care, reduces errors and simplifies business processes. PrimeSUITE integrates all clinical, financial and administrative data in a single database to promote information sharing and ensure quick adoption through simple, intuitive tools that optimize daily processes. Designed by Greenway’s team of physicians, clinicians, practice administrators, hospital executives, community leaders and healthcare stakeholders dedicated to using technology to improve healthcare, PrimeSUITE can be customized to adapt to your existing workflow.

PrimeSUITE is a single integrated database with electronic health record, practice management and interoperability functionality. PrimeSUITE is comprised of EHR functionality including a patient chart, numerous clinical tools and content management pages, as well as practice management functionality with accounts receivable, registration, scheduling and reporting components.

McKesson Practice Partner EMR Software

Practice Partner® Patient Records is an award-winning electronic medical record system that provides a host of innovative tools to improve both office and clinical efficiency while helping to improve quality of care. Our electronic medical record software allows practices to replace their paper charts with a comprehensive feature set utilized nationwide by medical offices of all sizes and specialties

Improves documentation quality (legible, organized, complete)
Facilitates better patient communication
Accommodates different physician styles through flexible progress note templates
Improves medication management
Enhances efficiency of signing of charts


Bright Note Technology™
Choice of data entry methods
Single-screen progress note entry saves clicks and eliminates “jumping around”
Prescription writing, faxing and drug interaction/allergy checking
Built-in protocols and reminders (including health maintenance)

e-MDs EMR Software

e-MDs Solution Series is the standard for affordable and integrated EHR / EMR & PRACTICE MANAGEMENT software solutions.

Designed by physicians to improve care, reduce errors and simplify business so that time spent with patients is quality time automatically billed and coded properly. Visit, code and bill with a single application.

Centricity EMR Software

Centricity EMR (formerly Logician®) is an electronic medical record (EMR) system that enables ambulatory care physicians and clinical staff to document patient encounters, streamline clinical workflow, and securely exchange clinical data with other providers, patients, and information systems.

Centricity EMR is used by thousands of physicians to manage millions of patient records; making it the most widely used ambulatory care electronic medical record. Centricity EMR empowers healthcare providers to deliver the highest quality of care at lower costs.

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