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EMR Software Systems – This site is free to health care staff and providers. We provide a simple, powerful online EMR comparison tool, which helps you determine the best electronic medical records system for your specific needs.

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EMR Software Overview

Medical record software is used by about 20% of the providers across the United States. While the road to adoption has been slow, EHRs have played a key role in many success stories where efficiencies were gained and health outcomes were improved.

The ability to exchange data with other health care entities is a huge driver and will be key to patient safety initiatives and population health management. Records can be more easily located, stored, and secured. Reminders and real-time clinical decision support features are becoming standard and more reliable. Also, many vendors now sell or partner with patient portal solutions for patient scheduling, PHR access, and more.

Electronic medical record systems are being implemented by hospitals and clinics in record numbers now, and leading vendors have designed solid implementation processes and upgrade paths. Use the form above to share some specifics about your clinics needs; we'll match you to vendors that can meet your needs, for free quotes and demos.

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Complimentary Systems for Health Care

The electronic health record software is only part of the complete toolset needed by providers to meet Meaningful Use objectives. These ancillary system may be available from your EHR vendor, or they may need to be secured separately. It may be an advantage to select a vendor that offers each component as one product, rather than integrating a variety of systems from various vendors.

  • ePrescribing
  • Patient Portal
  • Secure Messaging
  • Document Management

Learn more by completing the form at the top of this page. We provide a free comparison service, where we can match you to the best EMR vendors for your needs. There are over 400 electronic medical record companies, and this resource was created to help health care providers and administrators get quotes and comparison information as painlessly as possible.

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Comparing EMR Software

Electronic Medical Record systems allow you to capture the data. The next step will be the extraction and reporting of the data. Start with dictation, move to forms as it makes sense. This form is where to start to find the best system for your hospital or clinic.

First, tell us about your organization. Answer these questions and click “Continue” below: