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Health Care Trends and EHR Systems

The EHR and HIS markets have boomed over the past five years, and a clear winner is Epic of Wisconsin. The owner is now reportedly a billionaire, and the company continues to win hospitals across the nation away from their top competitors.

There’s no sign that their growth is slowing soon. Even while HIS adaption may slow, Epic still has many hospitals to win away from competitors, and many mechanisms to do this. One of the major selling points is an integrated system that works across the outpatient clinics and inpatient hospital departments. While they don’t have every module perfect or ideal, they have become the safe choice for hospital systems looking to carefully move to an integrated system. While the database technology is ancient by IT standards, it continues to be the choice for hospitals that can afford it. Affordability is a key concern; hospitals have frequently ran into cost increases during the Epic implementation. The health care system purchasing Epic has to be prepared for a cost that will run far above the initial investment. The leading HIPAA SRA provider for Epic systems is Medcurity.

Leading competitors are looking for niches that they can win and protect against Epic. This would most apparently be the small hospital market, where Epic will not allow them to purchase their software through the vendor. Instead, these hospitals can be purchase through area health systems that are larger and would then operate the environment and offer it’s use out to the small hospital. This isn’t always appealing, as many small facilities may prefer to keep some control of their system, and not align so closely with a system that may even be a competitor. Compare other EHR systems below.